LJ's Top Reads of 1999

Alexander, Bruce - Blind Justice Cobin, Harlen - The Final Detail
Crais, Robert - LA Requiem
DuBois, Brenden - Shattered Shell
Ford, G.M. - Last Ditch
Gardner, Lisa - The Good Daughter
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - All Bill Slider Books
Jance, J.A. - Breach of Duty
Jennings, Maureen - Except the Dying
Kearsley, Susanna - Shadowy Horses
Krueger, William Kent - Iron Lake
Lehane, Dennis - Prayers for the Rain
Seranella, Barbara - No Human Involved
Sloan, Susan - An Isolated Incident
Stabenow, Dana - Hunter's Moon
Todd, Charles - Test of Wills

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