LJ's Top Reads of 2003

Alexander, Bruce - Murder in Grub Street Barton, Dan - The Heckler
Brown, Dan - The Da Vinci Code
Bruen, Ken - The Guards
Cleverly, Barbara - Ragtime in Simla
Coleman, Reed Farrel - Walking the Perfect Square
Crais, Robert - The Last Detective
Dymmock, Michael Allen - The Feline Friendship
Fforde, Jasper - The Eyre Affair
Fforde, Jasper - Lost in a Good Book
Ford, G.M. - A Blind Eye
Harris, Charlaine - Club Dead
Hart, Erin - Haunted Ground
Katzenbach, John - The Analyst
Krueger, William Kent - The Devil's Bed
Niffenegger, Audrey - The Time Traveller's Wife
Peale, Cynthia - The White Crow
Ross, Kate - Cut to the Quick
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Rozen, S.J. - Winter and Night

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