LJ's Top Reads of 2004

Benoit, Charles - Relative Danger Cleverly, Barbara - The Damascended Blade
Connor, John - Phoenix
Dunnett, Dorothy - The Game of Kings
Hamilton, Sylvian - The Bone Peddler
Hamilton, Sylvian - The Gleemaiden
Karp, Larry - First, Do No Harm
Katzenbach, John - The Madman's Tale
Krueger, William Kent - Blood Hollow
McBain, Ed - The Frumious Bandersnatch
Myers, Beverle Graves - Interrupted Aria
Pawel, Rebecca - Death of a Nationlist
Perry, Anne - The Shifting Tide
Pronzini, Bill - Shackles
Tracy, P.J. - Monkeywrench
Tracy, P.J. - Live Bait
Sansom, C.J. - Dissolution
Weir, Charlene - Up in Smoke

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