LJ's Top and Bottom Reads of 2005

Top Read: Alexander, Tasha - And Only to Decieve
Block, Lawrence - All the Flowers are Dying
Box, C.J. - Out of Range
Bruen, Ken - The Dramatist
Burton, Milton T. - The Rogue's Game
Coben, Harlan - The Innocent
Coleman, Reed Farel - The James Deans
Connor, John - The Playroom
Crais, Robert - The Forgotten Man
Fowler, Christopher - The Water Room
Koryta, Michael - Tonight I Said Goodbye
McBain, Ed - Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man
Nicholas, Jody - Caviar Dreams
Perry, Anne - A Christmas Guest
Pronzini, Bill - Labyrinth
Sansome, C.J. - Dark Fire
Wright, Edward - Clea's Moon
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz - The Shadow of the Wind

Bottom Reads (NR and DNF): Barclay, Alex - Darkhouse
Black, Ethan - The Broken Hearts Club
Christopher, Paul - Michaelangelo's Notebook
Compton, Jody - The 37th Hour
Fasman, Jon - the Geographer's Notebook
Hecht, Daniel - Puppets
Lawrence, David - The Dead Sit Round in a Ring
Linsley, Clyde - Die Like a Hero
Patterson, James - Along Came a Spider
Power, Edmund - The Last Chapter
Taylor, Sarah Stewart - O' Artful Death

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