Neighbours, Quakers and Olympic slumping

Managed to catch up with the neighbours opposite this morning while I was sorting the cars out - they're very sweet but they're the kind who find my writing life distinctly weird (as indeed do Marian & Siegi, our golfing friends), so I've learnt - as with M. & S. - not to bring it into the conversation when asked what I've been up to. So I've caught up on holiday news (not sure when the next will be yet), the daughter's wedding (quiet but pleasant) and her ensuing pregnancy (due in June, but gender unknown). I am now the perfectly informed street resident.
I also went along to the Quaker meeting this morning - Lord H wasn't keen so I went on my own, but actually that was fine. It was a warm silence (if you know what I mean) and I enjoyed it - though I could have done with my stomach being rather less vocal. Never mind - I wasn't the only one. And the few words spoken in the last half-hour were interesting too. As was the fact that there were two or three people present near my age. I'm sure last time I went, most of the folk were 50+. Mind you, I'm not so far from that myself these days! Afterwards, I chatted with Ruth, one of the elders there, and then slipped out for a pleasant walk along the High Street to the car. Weather is glorious today. Bought a "Mail on Sunday" too, so am now up-to-date with national, as well as local gossip. Hurrah. Anyway, I think I'll go again, depending how I feel.

This afternoon, I have been laziness personified. We've watched our video of "QI" from yesterday - Stephen Fry on top form as ever, though I'm sure it was a repeat - and I've also watched "Ugly Betty". Betty on top form as ever also. This was rapidly followed by an utterly essential nap on the sofa (how I love that feeling of being all curled up and safe!). And the only thing I have to face now is my phone call to Mother. Later tonight, there's a new series starting - "Kingdom" with - once again! - Stephen Fry, so Lord H & I will be glued. Tales of peculiarity from downtown Norfolk - sounds like perfect Sunday night viewing to me. And it's only an hour, so we can be in bed for a reasonable time. Double hurrah. After all, it is a "school night". Groan ...

This week's haiku is:

On my daily walk,
cherry blossom lines the road,
scented with summer.

Today's nice things:

1. The Quaker service
2. Soaking up the newspaper gossip
3. TV.

Anne Brooke

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