Are there any fans of Scooby Do out there? If there are and they were watching they must have enjoyed the latest outing for Sea of Souls (BBC1 Tues/Thurs), as it happens so did I.

It was the most splendid hokum involving murder, black magic and the transmigration of souls, all set in a remote house in Scotland that could have come straight from a Hammer Horror film.

Predictably most of the television critics were rather sniffy about the show on the grounds that the whole thing was wildly improbable. That's the point guys, half the fun of fiction on television or anywhere else is generated by having to suspend, or in the case of this programme dislocate your disbelief.

Its just a shame that in the final scene the bad guy didn't come out with the line that he would have got away with it, as it happens he did actually, if it hadn't been for those pesky kids.

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