Yeah, yeah... I said the weekend was busy but didn't actually SAY anything, huh? Well, Saturday I got to play the presidential role at another Maryland Writers Association annual conference. Most people said they were impressed by the Maritime Institute of Technology and I'm pretty sure we'll be there next year. I got positive comments about the sessions, the agents present, and our stalwart editors Melanie Rigney and Beth Rubin. I have to admit, though, that the most positive feedback was for the excellent lunch and our keynote speaker. Raphael Alvarez was "discouraging, encouraging, and charismatic" as VP Sonia Linebaugh said. He certainly moved us all to reach a little higher.

Sunday, the weather was perfect for an outdoor event and the International Day of the Book street fair in Kensington fit the bill perfectly. I did some reading aloud and listened to others. I also learned how to make books from the lady in the booth beside mine. A lot of writers were present, signing and sharing their stories. And, as you can see elsewhere on the page, I even got my picture taken with Sherlock Holmes. See? Even the great detective loves Hannibal Jones mysteries.

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