I keep seeing these commercials for the final season of the Sopranos and can't figure out why I am completely unmoved. You see, I didn't start watching until the third season. I got hooked when the hubby brought home the first season on tape. I will not shame myself by telling you how many times I've run through those five tapes or the ones for the following season. But when the third season rolled around, I began watching the episodes as they came out.

So now we're down to the home stretch, the last eight, and I haven't bothered to turn it on. I know part of this malaise has to do with my fickleness as a viewer (or reader, for that matter). Put too much time between one "season" and the next and I lose interest. That's why I like watching tapes or DVD's when there's a whole bunch to watch at once (or a few in a series of books).

Ah well, I'll probably get around to watching it eventually. My dad is taping it. In the meantime, nobody tell me what's happening.

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Comment by Dee Savoy on May 29, 2007 at 6:58am
Hey Rosemary,

True points all. It is soooo hard to keep a series fresh. I know I'm also the opposite of an early adopter. I'm an early defector. By the time everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to say something is good I'm already done with it. Ah well.

All the best,
Comment by Rosemary Harris on May 28, 2007 at 10:36pm
It's killing me that i'm going to be away (and out of cable range) for the very last episode. Yes, it's nowhere near as good as the first few seasons..it all went south for me when they whacked Adrianna.BTW doesn't the same thing happen with book series, too? So hard to keep the magic alive after 5 or 10 books! (Spoken as a reader, noty a writer. I've only written one, so far.)
Comment by A F Waddell on May 4, 2007 at 6:40am

I'm not even watching/taping the last season right now. I may tape it on re-runs. In a way it's like losing an old friend. I'll probably purchase the first few seasons.

Comment by Dee Savoy on May 2, 2007 at 9:40am
Hi A.

We are of like Sopranos minds. Loved that first season to bits; now, not so much. LOL Thanks for the kind words about my covers.

All the best,
Comment by A F Waddell on May 1, 2007 at 4:01pm
Hello Dee . . .

I too am a Sopranos fan but prefer the first few seasons (Ooooh . . . 1999!). Now, in my opinion, no episodes can match the quality of the first season, it's newness, it's complexity! Definitely impossible to maintain that level of quality --- however Sopranos rocks!

Incidently I love your book cover art, the 'couples' art!


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