Please check the new anthology THE FLASH, edited by Peter Wild, published by Social Disease and featuring a story by myself (amongst many others much more worthy - see below). The title refers to the length of the stories: each one limited to 100 words. My bit is called SON OF BOB. After writing four novels in a row, it was great (and surprisingly daunting) to cut loose on a smaller canvas. Actually that doesn't sound right. It was like wandering the tundra for four years and then being invited into a cozy little log cabin, smoke rising gently from the makeshift chimney and a strong smell of fish emanating from that cupboard over there.

Anyway, I'm happy with my effort, and impressed by the others that I've read. And the best bit is that all proceeds go to Amnesty International, so you can buy it safe in the knowledge that I don't get a penny, and therefore can't waste it on sweets and cheap cider.

The contributors: Daren King, Ian Sansom, Nick Stone, J Robert Lennon, Patrick Neate, Nicholas Blincoe, Niall Griffiths, Willy Vlautin, Sara Gran, Gina Ochsner, Dermot Bolger, Rick Moody, Sam Lipsyte, Percival Everett, Jonathan Lethem, Katherine Dunn, Ben Myers, Lana Citron, Damon Galgut, Steven Sherrill, Michel Faber, Jeff VanderMeer, Stewart Lee, Charlie Williams, Rebbecca Ray, Matt Thorne, Kate Pullinger, Emily Maguire, Christopher Brookmyre, Steve Aylett, Aimee Bender, Steve Almond, Nick Johnstone, Stella Duffy, Arthur Nersesian, Carlton Mellick III, Fred Dutton & 73 other writers...

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