It's still rainy, so it must be April

Spoke too soon about the lack of rain. We've still got a deficit, I'm sure, but it's definitely rained, and from the look of the clouds, it will again today.

As this is blog #2 for me (Pepper, what were you thinking?!), I probably won't be doing it all that frequently, but I'll be putting stuff here as it occurs to me.

I'm enjoying the writing conversations on the forums. It's nice to actually talk with other professionals who are in the same genre--my publisher primarily publishes romance, which is not what I write, and the author conversations tend to do with promotion and such in places where mystery/suspense without major romantic aspects just doesn't go over well. So finding crimespace is a bit like stumbling on a room in a large social gathering where you actually understand the language and the conversations. Many thanks to Daniel Hatadi for setting this place up.

Well, my heroine is hovering close around the edges of my thoughts, hoping I'll get back to her, so that's it for now. Hope your writing (or reading) day is productive!


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