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Recently our middle son was rushed to the ER because he thought he was passing out. His wife called 911. We'd gone to check on a friend when I received my daughter-in-law's frantic call on my cell, so we dropped what we were doing and headed for the hospital. BUT I'd forgotten to grab a book earlier that morning. Didn't think I'd have a chance to read. Cough. I did have a water bottle and a cereal bar stuffed in my purse, so I'm not completely devoid of common sense. Really.
For the next couple of hours I prayed, carefully scanned the ceiling tiles, and tried to nap sitting up straight in a hard metal chair. And regretted not having my current read along. DOUBLE DEAD by Terry Hoover, it's an excellent book set in the time of President Kennedy. Lots of excitement/tension, and Hoover's descriptions are excellent. She knows how to draw the reader in. Something I'm working hard on for my books.

At long last the doctor came in, test results were all okay, the diagnosis was: Loss of potassium and inner ear infection. Coulda been a lot worse. I'm most thankful.

I'm also determined not to get caught like that again, sans book. From now on, a book goes in my purse whenever I leave the house. 'Cause I never really know when I'll get back home!

So, my question to you, dear readers is, what book is in your purse? And do you take it out to read at home, or just keep it in your purse, for emergencies? And do you make sure the bottle cap is on tight so the water doesn't spill on the book? Don't forget the cereal bars!

Malicemetropolis Lonnie Cruse is the author of the Metropolis Mystery Series (book #4, Malice In Metropolis, has just been released by NaDaC Publishing) and the Fifty-Seven Heaven series (due out from Five Star in December.) She lives and writes in the real Metropolis, IL. She can be contacted through her website:

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