Murder is Never Pretty... Even When the Corpse is a Blonde, Joe Blake

Latter day Australian Pulp Fiction at it's best, Murder is Never Pretty... is, well hilarious.

Part of the attraction is that it's 100% true to the style and phrasing of the pulp writers of bygone times - but it's all set in current day Perth - dare one say the mean and dirty streets of Perth?

When a beautiful (are there other kinds in pulp?) blonde is murdered (shot / naked of course) in her suburban unit the local police put a call through to Joe Blake (who fortunately is chatting up another girl in his hot police car which he uses to hoon away to the call annoying the local lads trying to do burnouts in the vicinity), because nothing gets in his way. (Except for a lot of very athletic sex which is just a sideline that he specialises in).

Joe always gets the bad guy. (They may land a couple of glancing blows on the way, but he'll always get his man). And along the way he gets a few naughty girls (well just a few - and he's obviously a darn sight younger than he seems to be if he can keep up that strike rate!), because Joe likes them naughty - very naughty.

It's silly, it's fun, it's the first in the series. See for more (and you can buy them new from the publisher on ebay so do yourselves a favour!)

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