Why wasn't I hanging out around Backspace months ago? The multi-talented Karen Dionne has an amazing site there--everything the budding or even recently budded writer needs. I visited by way of Susan Henderson's blog and cool writer hangout, LitPark, where Karen will be featured this week.

This is what I picked up today: J.A. Konrath's great list for preparing for a booksigning. This man knows how to handsell books--and he's sold a lot of them. I've attended many signings, and sat with my husband at that dismal little table near the door while people either slunk by trying to avoid eye contact or wanted to know where the bathroom was. I confess I've been more than a bit worried about doing my own and had been thinking I needed to stock the store with all my friends and relations.

Konrath has practical advice for making a signing drive sales--from bringing snacks for the staff to shaking hands with everyone who comes in. (Did he mention thank-you notes? Hm.)

If I were handier, I'd be able to link here. But just type Backspace into Google. I know I felt a lot better after I did!

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