The 6th Annual Gumshoe Awards are given by Mystery Ink to recognize the best achievements in crime fiction. This year's nominees were chosen from books first published in the United States in 2006.

Best Mystery:
Julia Spencer-Fleming - All Mortal Flesh

The Nominees:

Ace Atkins - White Shadow Ariana Franklin - City of Shadows
George Pelecanos - The Night Gardener
Joseph Wambaugh - Hollywood Station

Best Thriller:
Robert Ferrigno - Prayers for the Assassin

The Nominees:

Lee Child - The Hard Way Barry Eisler - The Last Assassin
William Lashner - Marked Man
M.J. Rose - The Venus Fix

Best European Crime Novel:
Karin Fossum - When the Devil Holds the Candle

The Nominees:

Ken Bruen - The Dramatist Gianrico Carofiglio - A Walk in the Dark
Philippe Claudel - By a Slow River
Barbara Vine - The Minotaur

Best First Novel:
John Hart - The King of Lies

The Nominees:

Dave Case - Out of Cabrini James Church - A Corpse in the Koryo
Thomas Lakeman - The Shadow Catchers
Cornelia Read - A Field of Darkness

Lifetime Achievement:

Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker revolutionized the modern detective novel, helping to bridge the gap between the classic Hammett-Chandler-Macdonald tradition and the contemporary stories of Block, Grafton and Lehane. His creation of Spenser, the quintessential private eye, will live on long after his contemporaries have faded into obscurity. (Read the tribute essay to Robert B. Parker.)

Best Crime Fiction Website:

Demolition Magazine

Edited by Bryon Quertermous and David White, Demolition Magazine is one of the best of the new wave of web-only magazines dedicated to publishing short crime fiction. With stories by such talented writers as Victor Gischler, Mike Maclean, Patricia Abbott and more, Demolition has quickly distinguished itself as a fresh new voice in crime fiction, and a publication worth noticing.

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