I was interviewed recently by professional writer/blogger Gina McKnight, who does monthly interviews with authors. It was a fun experience. If any of you would like to read the interview, here it is!…

I was interviewed recently by professional writer/blogger Gina McKnight, who does monthly interviews with authors. It was a fun experience. If any of you would like to read the interview, here it is!

An Interview With Renown Writer Ronald S. Barak

Author of A Season For Redemption



Welcome, Ron, to my blog!!  Thank you for sharing your writing endeavors!  Please let us know when your second novel, The Quiet Terrorist(s), is released! A Season For Redemption recently became a hardboiled mystery thriller number one bestseller on Amazon and Kindle and is available at bookstores nationwide. 

Where are you from? Are you a full-time writer?


I’m from Los Angeles, California.  Based on hours, yes I’m a full-time writer.  Based on the fact that I spend as many hours on my day job, the practice of law, it might be argued that I’m not a full time anything.  The wife thinks I’m too full time, period, but in fact she just likes to be contrary and is in fact my biggest fan.

What genre of writing do you prefer? Why?


I prefer all kinds of mystery and thriller books.  Many writers think those are mutually exclusive concepts, the first being built on who done it puzzles to solve and the second being predicated on high anxiety action.  In my debut novel, A Season For Redemption, and my pending second novel, The Quiet

Terrorist(s), I try to combine the two, shooting for who done it mystery coupled with high anxiety action.  I guess the short answer of why I prefer writing this genre, or these genres, is because that’s what I prefer reading, and have been reading for decades.  I wrote my first novel on a dare from some friends just a couple years ago.  It took me nine months to write.  I wasn’t planning to do more, but I enjoyed it so much, and the feedback was so gratifying, that I am back for more. 

What was your inspiration for your new novel?


It was a combination of two things, the dare I just mentioned and the fact that I have a strong dislike for most all politicians, liberals and conservatives alike.  I’m not very political; I just don’t like politicians.  So, I was interested in writing a novel on this subject in modern day D.C. that would draw some attention to this subject.  In the book, there is a fictional organization called “The National Organization For Political Integrity,” “NoPoli” for short, which also stands for “no politicians!”  When the book was published, so was the website http://NoPoli.org.  Through four staff members, NoPoli blogs about real time, real world politicians in need of…attention, in a style that is a combination of harsh reality, and humor.  One thing very different about these bloggers:  They don’t exist; they are some of the characters from my first novel.  Two other characters from my first novel, the judge who presides over the murder trial in the first novel, Arnold Lambert, and a homicide detective, Frank Lotello, who works behind the scenes with the judge to unravel what needed unraveling before the jury could perhaps wrongfully decide the case, appear in my pending second novel, in part a sequel to the first, but an entirely new story as well.  My hope is that these two characters, each of whom has just a little of me in them, will support a series of future novels.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Of course, I’m a lawyer.  What lawyer doesn’t have at least some advice on anything and everything?  What I’m learning about writing is that it takes a lot of hard work to make it, in no particular order, writing ability, persistence, marketing and luck.  To get there, you need to be prepared to accept rejection, and to just keep slugging until you get there.

What is your next project?


I guess I got a little bit ahead of you.  The next project is The Quiet Terrorist(s), about terrorists who try to do some very bad things.  Something goes awry along the way and they end up seizing and threatening to kill some hostages, one of whom was a juror in the murder trial in A Season For Redemption and recommends Judge Lambert be brought in to mediate an impasse between the terrorists and the President of the United States.  I can’t say anymore because it’s a matter of national security and if I told you anymore, “I’d have to kill you - and all your readers.”




Ron, both novels sound like intriguing reads and I will certainly purchase my copies!  Thank you for being a part of my blog and sharing your writing experience, success and future endeavors! Please keep in touch and let me know of future book releases!  Congratulations and best wishes!

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