Spencer-Fleming, Julie - A FOUNTAIN FULL OF BLOOD


Spencer-Fleming, Julie – 2nd book

Please remember, this is my opinion only. I finally figured out what so bothered me about this series—it’s the character Clare. This is a woman who was an Army pilot, with all the rules, chain-of-command, “need to know, ” and discipline associated therewith, and is now an Episcopal priest, with all its associated confidentiality, discipline and rules. And yet, she blathers information she was expressly asked not to, she is attracted to a married man when part of her job is providing counseling for couples, and interferes in a police investigation. Not to mention she now drive a Shelby Cobra which, if not a replica, is approximately a $50,000 vehicle. Interestingly, had the author made the protagonist a lawyer, which was her profession, I don’t think any of these things would have bothered me. I guess it shows the different ethic I hold for ministers and lawyers. I think the police chief is very well done and realistic, and were he the sole focus of the series, I would like it. However, Clare just does not ring true to me. So, I fear, this is not a series with which I personally shall continue.

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