Scott, Manda – 4th book

Glasgow Police DI Orla McLeod is involved in a shootout in a dismal flat where she has been living undercover. Her cover is blown, her partner is killed, and she is saved from certain death by 9-year-old Jamie, whose mother also dies in the flat. The target of the operation is Tord Svensen, a violent criminal whose true identity is unknown--to everyone but Jamie, who has seen his face.

There were things about this book I loved – Orla’s relationship with Jamie—and things I really disliked. I felt as though I’d entered the series in the middle, but then realized it’s not yet part of a series. I felt as though I was expected to know the backstory behind the characters, but wasn’t really given that information until well into the story. While the writing had elements of lyrical, the plotting felt muddy. I know others loved it, but it didn’t work for me.

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