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Roberts, Nora /J.D. Robb – 100+th (?) Roberts / 18th Robb

In present-day Maryland, antiques store owner Laine Tavish, finds her attempts to erase any connection to her con-man father, Jack O'Hara, threatened when one of her father's "business associates" shows up and is killed in an automobile accident. Her father's involvement in a diamond heist brings not only a cold-blooded murderer to Laine's door but also insurance investigator Max Gannon, who won't rest until he finds the missing jewels. Robb adds a new twist to the tale 50 years in the future when Laine's granddaughter, Samantha Gannon, writes a best-selling book about the diamonds. The murder of Samantha's house-sitter brings Lieutenant Eve Dallas on the scene in search of a killer who will do anything to possess the sparkling stones.

I am a confirmed Nora Roberts fan. However, know that her books are romance/sex/relationship focused and somewhat mystery light. That said, she is still, for me, always a great read.

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