Jacobs, Jonnie – 5th in series

San Francisco lawyer Kali O'Brien gets the shocking news that Anne has been murdered in an apparent copycat killing. Anne's murder is eerily similar to the crimes for which the so-called Bayside Strangler, Dwayne Davis, has recently been executed. When a second, and then a third victim, turns up in short order, the heat is on and a team is put together to investigate the new murders and ensure that an innocent man was not executed.

Interesting secondary characters, very good suspense, and an unexpected ending provide a very good read. And, it’s set where I live in Oakland/East Bay, which is fun for me. But the most interesting thing is that, with the Kali being a prosecuting attorney, none of the story is in the courtroom – a refreshing change. I have always enjoyed this series, and this book is particularly good.

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