Butcher, Jim – 5th in series

Life has its up and downs for our hero, Harry, the down-on-his-luck wizard from modern-day Chicago. Susan, his almost-vampire lost love returns, but only to say goodbye. A vampire champion of the Red Court challenges him to a duel, but on the good side, if he loses, the wizard-vampire war will be over. The Shroud of Turin has been stolen and shows up in Chicago, and everyone wants it: the scary gangster lord of the city, the Fallen Angels and their demon agents, the White Knights, and the Vatican, which hires Harry to find it. Along the way there are shoot-outs aplenty, strange and twisted beasties to defeat (or run away from), and Harry gets asked some questions he has a hard time answering.

I do enjoy this series. It’s definitely darker than Harry Potter, but I like Harry Dresden and the world Butcher has created.

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