Simmons, Dan – 3rd in series

The book opens with Joe Kurtz being shot in the head which leaves him with the headache of a lifetime and a female probation officer on life support. As if that weren't enough, Kurtz has to deal with Toma Gonzaga, the gay don who owes him a debt in blood. On top of that, someone is killing heroin addicts in Buffalo and hauling away the bodies.
One character likens Kurtz to the old Timex commercial of “takes a licking but keeps on ticking.” If you can suspend belief, of how many times someone can be shot, concussed, beat up and still keep going, these are rip-roaring, page-turning reads–I do suggest you read them in order--with great characters, including Kurtz’ assistant, Arlene. My biggest problem with this series is that Simmons needs to write them faster.

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