Carl, Lillian Stewart - MEMORY AND DESIRE


Carl, Lillian Stewart – 1st book

Claire came to the English village to find her best friend, Melinda, who’d vanished after performing in a play which re-creates a seventeenth century witchcraft trial. What she found was a murder mystery—and a man.

There were two detail flaws which caused problems for me. First, a couple times reference was made to someone striking a match to light the Aga—Aga’s are always lit—and, second, somewhere in the last third of the story the English descendant of the manor house started using decidedly Scottish words such as “aye” and “bairn,” and danced a Highland jig. But, if one can forgive that, it was a nice gothic with the requisite ghosts, interesting characters, old religion, lots of suspects, a romance, and a couple good suspenseful scenes.

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