Today I'm at least thinking about writing, but honestly, I've had a bit of a dry spell. The stories are there. In my head. They are just not on the page. Or in my word processing program.

To help me through the hurdle I bought a handful of neat little journals and special pens last week at the office supply place. Okay. Who else can spend forever in the office supply? Hands?

I love looking at all the paper stock and sorting through the pens and markers and looking at all the new ways theyve come up with to make a push pin (thumbtack) look appealing. Then it's over to the computer area to dream about my next laptop. And a stroll down the business forms aisle where they have all those neat receipt books and ledgers and stamps. It's almost like being in a candy store for me. Always love looking at the wares.

And don't get me started on cardstores. I can spend hours in there, too!

Anyway, I got all these new eye candy toys to help me write. Or feel better about writing. Oversized Pocket blank books: cardboard, edged in blue. And four BP Zebra ballpoint pens, also in blue.

I love my new toys. :-)

Take that, writer's block! (lol...)


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Comment by JANE PADRUTT on May 25, 2007 at 6:27am
My hand went right up when asked who else could spend forever in the office supply store..after all, they are the purveyors of all things writerly. You didn't even mention the cute little die-cut sticky notes in fun shapes, or the comfy desk chairs, or the fabric-covered file boxes for organizing, or the striped index cards...Next stop, the library, no the bookstore, no starbuck's...I must fill up these lovely new blank pages.
Comment by Rosemary Harris on May 25, 2007 at 12:36am
Not only can i spend forever in office supply stores, I have to go to the same store to buy the same pencils that I wrote my first book with. Good luck with the new toys..

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