There are a couple of things that I found interesting about this story (if I do say so myself…). First, it came out of me pretty much the way you see it. I think I may have changed a couple of words here or there, but really it was one of the easiest stories to write that I’ve done. I figured out later that it was in the second person, present tense.

The title, took more time. This story is about Elena Kojcic, Viktor Petrenko’s wife. It didn’t start out that way. It was written before I’d thought of Viktor. The story was just “The City, Under Siege,” originally. I think it was partly inspired by having seen the Woody Harrelson movie (that doesn’t get said often, I think) <strong>Sarajevo</strong>.

I wasted a year or so sending the story to several literary magazines. Three or four places sent me form letters. I didn’t think it was criminal enough for any of the crime mags, but <a href="">Jennifer Jordan</a> begged to differ. It’s been nominated for a Derringer award by the <a href="">Short Mystery Fiction Society</a>.

Last year, I wrote a companion piece starring Viktor which takes place a few hours after the end of this story. It is, of course, quite violent, has never been published, and slated for its debut here on this coming Sunday.

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