I finallly made the jump to Apple by purchasing a new MacBook. I'm at a point in my life where many doors are closing, like the completion of a PhD, and many new doors are opening, like starting a new job as a college professor. It just seemed like the right time to move to an Apple product. In addition, I'm expecting a light summer, so now was the best time to learn an new operaing system, and so far so good. Except for one thing. There wasn't anything wrong with my Dell laptop. In fact I had planned to use it to run specific statistics plus as a backup for my work. But computers are like jealous children, well kinda. The moment the new MacBook came in to the family, the Dell laptop decided to fry it's hard drive. The two events almost happened at exactly the same time. Lucky for me, my Dell was still under warranty, so I get a new laptop out of the deal, but now I need to try and retreive a few things off of the old hardrive, if that is possible. Luckily I didn't really store a lot of things on it, or I backed it up fequently. I'm amazed that as just as the door opened to a new Apple MacBook, the door closed for my Dell Windows based laptop. When one door closes, another opens, literally.

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