I decided to "go with the flow" in my lack of commitment to any one story. Now I find random ideas popping into my head - so when that happens, I write them down, either in the story itself or in a "random ideas" file on my PDA, to be imported later into the pertinent document. So far it seems to be going OK. It's very much a creative frame of mind rather than the more logical approach I take to revisions/edits, but maybe that reflects the chaos of my life right now (2 little kids, possible move, possible going back to work, family health issues, still needing to do "normal" day-to-day stuff). So maybe in a way, I'm taking advantage of that chaos to create. I can't say I don't enjoy it - I do - but it is certainly a different mode from the one I'm used to!

Anyone else do this, or have ever done this? How do you deal with chaotic circumstances vis a vis writing?

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