Review of The Overlook by Michael Connelly

It finally happened--my first A+ book of 2007. By some snafu of nature, I was able to get my hands on THE OVERLOOK by Michael Connelly a week early, though I read the entire book in one day. The Overlook will be in stores tomorrow (May 22) and if I were you, I'd be standing at the door of your favorite bookstore when they open the doors so you can be one of the first to purchase this wonderful piece of crime fiction. Some of you may be familiar with parts of The Overlook that were serialized a few years back in the New York Times magazine--or most of it. But according to Mr. Connelly, there is new material in this newly published version. I'll skip the storyline except to say this is a fascinating story about a radiation oncologist that is murdered and his very valuable and very dangerous radiation sources, Cesium, are stolen. Cesium, a common radiation source used in treating some cancers, is also an excellent source to make a dirty bomb to terrorize subways or shopping malls across the country. Unfortunately, while Harry Bosch is trying to solve the murder, the FBI is trying to find the missing radiation before some terrorist releases it on the streets of The City of Angels. Once again Harry and the FBI butts heads and Harry is frustrated because his stance is if you find the murderer, you find the missing Cesium. It is a pleasure to see the aging Harry Bosch having difficulty working a Blackberry, yet still possesses the innate intelligence to see crime scenes like no other investigator. Yes he is hard to manage and he often breaks all the rules, but his superiors keep him around because of his skill. To say I read this book in one day is really noting an accomplishment for Michael Connelly. There is something about his writing as his story seems to flow perfectly off the pages of his books across my eyes and through my brain so easily, I often forget I am reading. Connelly, in his 18th novel (13th Harry Bosch), is really at the top of his game. He is the consummate crime fiction writer, easily one of the best of his generation, and arguably one of the best of all times. Do yourself a favor and get The Overlook as soon as possible. Find a quite Sunday and enjoy one of the best mystery novels of the year.

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