I'm new to crimespace and one thing I've noticed is that whenever I visit my crimespace page, it tells me "You haven't written your first blog entry!"

It kind of makes me feel like I'm being yelled at, and I get enough of that, well, just about everywhere. So, here I am, writing the blog to end all blog... reminders. Or at least one of them. I wonder what my Crimespace page will get on my case about next time.

Actually, to be honest, I kind of appreciate the reminder. I respond well to nagging and I'm terrible about keeping up this sort of thing. Maybe my crimespace page could remind me to do other things I haven't been doing: laundry, the dishes... the litterbox. Luckily, the one thing I really don't need badgering about is writing fiction; there are few things I'd rather be doing (that don't require another consenting adult). That's one of the things that bedevils me about blogging/conferencing/networking/schmoozing; the time it takes away from the actual writing that's at the center of it all.

I'd be interested to hear ideas on how you find the right balance for all this. I'll also be interested to see how my Crimespace page greets me next time I log on.

"Your first blog entry sucks! Write another one that's not so lame!"

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Comment by Jordan Dane on May 29, 2007 at 1:51pm
I think you'll be okay if you don't mix your litterbox duties with blogging. Strip mining cat turds takes finesse. No doubt about it, blogging takes up time, but the networking angle can be worth the effort. Just set time limits for yourself online and you'll do fine. I like the creativity of blogging. It taps into a side I don't often get to use in my writing. (I like the humor in this entry of yours too. Keep up the good work.) Have a great week.

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