Everybody here should want to know that the Review By Liz web site - http://reviewedbyliz.com/ - has issued a Summer Mystery Reading Challenge! Site visitors are prompted to read six mysteries by authors whose works you haven't read before between June 1st and August 31st . This website provides a place to discuss them with other mystery readers. This is a great incentive to sample the works of new authors - and a great way for those of us who aren't on the bestseller list yet to get some attention.

There are prizes to those who take up the challenge, too. They plan a book drawing every week of the challenge, and all those who complete the challenge will be eligible for the drawing for a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate at the end. Details are on the web site, where readers will comment about what they are reading and what they have finished, and exchange suggestions for the next book.

Where will they find all these new mysteries to read? Well that's the whole point. reviewedbyliz.com is primarily a mystery review site. Aside from the reviews listed on the right side of the home page, they'll feature a mystery author each day. Let them know you want to be one!

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