LORD JOHN AND THE PRIVATE MATTER – Good+ Diana Gabaldon - Standalone

Major Lord John Grey accidentally comes to suspect that his cousin’s fiancée is infected with the pox. As he searches for a discreet way to confirm his suspicions, Grey is dragged into an investigation of British Army requisition papers that have vanished in Calais. Grey must learn if there is a connection between their disappearance and the murder of a possible spy Sergeant Timothy O'Connell. Grey begins an investigation into O'Connell's death, which, leads to Trevelyan and a mysterious woman in green velvet.

Gabaldon presented a different side of 18th century English society which kept me reading. She is excellent at providing sense of place and creating interesting characters. There are holes in the plot, assumptions left to the reader to make, and a very abrupt ending. In spite of that, I still liked it.

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