THE AFFAIR OF THE 39 CUFFLINKS – VG James Anderson – 3rd in

Alderley, the 17th-century country house of the Earl of Burford, provides the setting for Anderson's third 1930s madcap mystery (after The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cozy and The Affair of the Mutilated Mink). The somewhat batty earl is reluctant to open his house to visitors again, but his wife convinces him that this time will be different. The guests are coming only for one night and will all be family attending the funeral of an elderly relative. When one of the guests claims to know damaging secrets about those who are gathered together, no one really pays any attention to her until she turns up murdered. Knowing the routine, the earl immediately calls the doctor and the police and is somewhat relieved when Detective Chief Inspector Wilkins arrives, yet again.

The cast includes an MP, a King's Counsel and his ditzy blonde daughter, a ne'er-do-well nephew and, of course, the butler Merryweather. I am so pleased Poisoned Pen published Mr. Anderson’s 3rd book and have reprinted the first two books. I’d waited a long time for this book and was not disappointed. Although written last year, it is a classic 1930’s style British manor-house mystery, right down to the gathering in the library. This was absolutely delightful.

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