MONKEEWRENCH – EX P.J. Tracy – 1st book

An unpopular, troublemaking old couple are brutally murdered in a small Wisconsin town church. While Wisconsin Sheriff Michael Halloran and Deputy Bonar Carlson are working to solve their case, in the Minnesotan Twin cities, Detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth, are dealing with a serial killer is copying a computer game where 20 murders happen. The games’ designers, a social outcast group whose company is called Monkeewrench, have their own issues and pasts they are trying to avoid.

I can only agree with all those who’ve praised this wonderful debut mystery. With an engrossing, although not perfect, plot, interesting characters, and excellent dialogue, this is an excellent 1st book and authors who’ve been added to my “must buy” list.

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