POLITICAL SUICIDE – VG Alan Russell – Standalone

Political Suicide features private investigator Will Travis, a different kind of "hotel detective". With his near photographic memory, Travis evaluates restaurants and hotels, reporting on service issues and employee theft or neglect to his clients. During one of these evaluations he witnesses a man slipping something into his woman companion's drink. Travis rescues the woman, Claire Harrington, inserting himself into a twisted plot of suicide/murder and presidential politics.

Russell has the incredible ability to teach me a lot—the hospitality industry, West Point and the military, personal history of presidents, dueling, and more—while telling great story. Travis was a wonderful character. His descriptions of the Washington D.C. area are excellent. Even though it definitely bogged down at the end, I started in early in the morning, read it at lunch and finished it when I came home from work. I really enjoyed this book.

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