Robb, J.D. (aka Nora Roberts) - DIVIDED IN DEATH

DIVIDED IN DEATH – VG J.D. Robb – 18th in series

When sent pictures they are lovers, Roark Industries’ security expert Reva Ewing goes to confront her husband and her best friend only to find them murdered. Roark asks his wife Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NYPSD to take the primary lead on the case. When she arrives on the scene, she sees strange anomalies and thinks Reva was set up to take the fall, but doesn’t stop looking for the real killer. This case is one of Eve’s toughest because she has to deal with Homeland Security, double agents and techno terrorists while trying to convince Roarke not to do something that could destroy their marriage.

Great characters about whom you care and wonderful dialogue that makes you laugh and can tug your heart are the hallmarks of Robb’s (Nora Roberts) writing. This is a very enjoyable series, best read in order, and this one of the better books in it.

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