Douglas, Carol Nelson - THE ADVENTURESS

THE ADVENTURESS (original title – “Good Morning, Irene”) – G+ Carol Nelson Douglas – 2nd in series

Diva/detective Irene Adler and her bridegroom, handsome barrister Godfrey Norton, are honeymooning in Paris when they become embroiled in an investigation: a drowned sailor's body has been recovered from the Seine, and on his chest is a tattoo. This clue will lead Irene to the first beautiful blond American princess of Monaco, political and matrimonial treachery, and a sword duel as she unravels the mystery--with, of course, the help of Godfrey, Irene's faithful chronicler Miss Penelope Huxleigh, and Sherlock Holmes himself.

Set in 19th century France, I am not generally a cozies reader, but the wonderful dialogue and study of society during this time more than made up for the lightness of the story. The contrast of the adventuresome Irene and the proper Penelope was absolutely delightful.

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