PHOENIX - EX John Connor – 1st
book (UK release)

DC Karen Sharpe has a past, one of which not even she seems to have full. When her ex drug squad colleague and his informer are found shot on the moors the safe bet is that a mid league drug dealer had the hit arranged but Sharpe senses otherwise and, realizing she could be part of the mystery, embarks on an attempt to solve the crime without compromising her past. In the end the attempt fails and all comes to a head in a stand off on a lonely misty moor.

As an American, I had a bit of trouble in spots as I don’t have the knowledge of history which might have been helpful. That aside, this was a same-day read for me. The sense of place was excellent and the characters interesting. Karen Sharpe reminds me a bit of Carol O’Connell’s Mallory in that she’s obsessive, violent and compelling. This was an excellent book and I’ve now added Connor to my “must read” list.

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