OH BEULAH HEIGHT – G Reginald Hill – 17th in series

With modernity raising its head in Yorkshire, the Water Board decided to flood a local valley to make a reservoir. Of course they had to bulldoze the homes of Dendale, and relocate the families. That was when three little girls disappeared. Andy Dalziel, a young detective in those days, took the case hard. No bodies were ever found, and the best suspect, Benny Lightfoot, was held for a time, then released. Twelve years later, due to drought, the ruins of Dendale have begun to reappear. And the child-snatching has started again. Dalziel, older, wiser, and more caustic, is determined to get his man this time.

Being this was the first Hill I’ve read, I definitely felt the lack of history with the characters. I found myself wanting to know them better. But they were the best part of the story. Except for particular bits, I found the plot not over interesting and the book way over long.

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