Carl, Lillian Stewart - SHADOWS IN SCARLET

Lillian Stewart Carl – 9th book (Gothic)

Amanda Witham enjoys wearing the eighteenth century garb while working as a tour guide at Williamsburg, Virginia's Melrose House. When archeologists discover two-century-old bones in the nearby garden, Amanda received visits from the ghost of James Grant who persuades her to uncover the truth about his untimely death. Upon traveling to Scotland Amanda finds herself embroiled in his past that could lead to her present demise.

Although I had some problems with details James’ ghost (having lived with one for three years—but that’s another story), it was critical for the plot. This is a classic gothic, with a bit more sex, full of atmospheric detail, good dialogue, and suspense that builds to a exciting final confrontation. This was a very delightful book, overall, and one lover’s of the gothic genre will enjoy.

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