Myers, Beverle Graves - INTERRUPTED ARIA

INTERRUPTED ARIA (Historical Mystery) – VG Beverle Graves Myers – 1st book

In late 1731, Tito Amato and fellow castrato Felice Ravello leave Naples for Tito's native Venice to sing with an opera company owned by a wealthy and powerful family. During one performance, the prima donna is poisoned, and Felice, is jailed as the chief suspect. Tito is determined to clear his friend and scours the Republic of Venice for evidence of his innocence.

Filled with lush description of Venice during Carnivale, its political and social structure, the inner workings of the opera company and Tito’s relationships with his family, friends, colleagues and himself, this is a rich, wonderful book. I also found it a good mystery with a couple of twists and some good suspense. This is a series I shall definitely follow.

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