FATAL FLAW (Legal Thriller) – Okay- William Lashner – 3rd in series

When old law school classmate Guy Forrest is accused of murdering his lover in their Main Line love next, Philadelphia lawyer Victor Carl agrees to represent him while keeping silent about his own prior romantic involvement with the victim.

Let me start by saying I read books for character; if I don’t like the characters, it’s a good bet I won’t like the book. For me, this book didn’t have a single character about whom I could care. There’s the lawyer who is cheating on his wife and family, there is the protagonist lawyer who is having an affair with his “best friend’s” mistress. That alone was enough to make me stop reading. If that bothers you, the plot was decent enough, although slow and, at points very repetitive. The only reason I ranked this higher than NR was because, to be fair, others in our Mystery Group rated this book Good to Very Good. While they agreed they didn’t like any of the characters and found some things improbable, they felt the characters and plot were well done. But for me, I kept thinking how many other, better books with more interesting characters I had waiting to be read.

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