FLESH AND BLOOD (Amateur Sleuth – Non-cozy) – VG John Harvey – Standalone

Retired Detective Inspector Elder is haunted by the unsolved disappearance of sixteen-year-old in 1988. One of the prime suspects, Shane Donald, has been released from prison, and Elder feels compelled to revisit the scene of the crime. When Shane breaks parole and disappears and another young girl is horribly murdered, Elder's involvement becomes crucial. Taunted by postcards from the killer, Elder battles his own demons as he and his family are inexorably drawn into the very heart of the crime

John Harvey won the first-ever Sherlock Award for the best detective created by a British author, and deservedly so. I was sorry when Harvey retired his Charlie Resnick series, although Charlie makes a very brief appearance here, but Harvey certainly didn’t retire his writing skills. He knows how to draw you into the story and keep you there to the very end. Well-developed characters, good dialogue, tension, a very literate style; these are all hallmarks of Harvey’s writing

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