Hamilton, Sylvian - THE BONE-PEDLAR

THE BONE-PEDLAR (Historical Mystery) – VG+ Sylvian Hamilton – 1st of series

This is the world of medieval quest, of castles, journeys, of violent killings, and sometimes of unimaginable cruelty. It also a world deeply enmeshed with the supernatural, in which the holy remnants of saints may be a matter of life and death. Against this background, of monks, witches, children, mountebanks, women good and evil, and knights Templar, is set Sir Richard Straccan's first adventure as bone-pedlar extraordinaire. Central to it all is the kidnap of his beloved little daughter, Gilla, brought up by nuns since the death of his wife.

Sylvian Hamilton writes some of the best opening lines ever: 'In the crypt of the abbey church at Hallowdene, the monks were boiling their bishop...' She certainly doesn’t whitewash the life of that period, but tells a wonderful, captivating story with strong characters. Although I felt this book a bit less strong the book three, The Gleemaiden—forgiven as it is the first book after all, it was still wonderful. I have become a huge fan of Ms. Hamilton, can’t wait to read the second and for her to write the fourth. This series has become a definite favorite of mine.

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