Dunnett, Dorothy - THE GAME OF KINGS

THE GAME OF KINGS (Historical Novel – non-mystery) – Ex Dorothy Dunnett – 1st of series

In 1547 Francis Crawford of Lymond returns to his native Scotland, which is threatened by an English invasion and the bloody rivalries of its nobles. Accused of treason, hunted by friend and enemy alike, he leads a company of outlaws in a desperate race to redeem his reputation, even at the cost of his life.

This is a superb series filled with action, intrigue, humor, tragedy, war, romance and, yes, a bit of mystery. Dunnett’s research into the period was unparallel. This, the first book, is a bit difficult to get into, which is why I obtained the unabridged audiobook from my library and listened to it while commuting, but well worth the effort. She does use a lot of foreign phrases, which can make the reader a bit frustrated, but one can either pass over them and not lose the effect of the story, join the Game of Kings group on Yahoo, or look them up either themselves or in Elpeth Morrison’s “Companion” books. If you’re looking for a break from mysteries and love history, this is a marvelous alternative.

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