OPEN AND SHUT (Legal Thriller) – G David Rosenfelt – 1st book
Mysterious Press/Warner Books, 2002 – Hardcover

His father, a retired district attorney, asks without an explanation New Jersey Attorney Andy Carpenter to take on the appeals case of death row inmate Willie Miller, whom he had prosecuted. Andy’s father dies a few days later and leaves an inheritance of over $22 million, about which Andy had never known. When he discovers an old photo in his father’s possessions that seems to have a connection to the current case, and threats are made against Andy, it becomes clear that the three elements are tied together.

I found the beginning of the story rather slow and Andy’s humor somewhat annoying. But as the investigation picked up, so did the story. There were some definite holes in the plot and a major coincidence, but the courtroom scenes were interesting and it was a very enjoyable book overall. I shall probably read another by this author.

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