SNOBBERY WITH VIOLENCE (Edwardian Cozy) – G Marion Chesney (aka M.C. Beaton) – 2nd in series
St. Martin’s Minotaur Mysteries, 2004 - Paperback

Captain Harry Catheart is hired by the father of Lady Rose Summer to investigate the man courting his daughter. After it’s discovered the man is a complete bounder and Rose ends her first season in disgrace, she is sent off to attend a party at Telby Castle along with other young women of questionable marriage prospects. However, when a dislikable guest is found dead and the cause is covered up, Harry and Rose take it upon themselves to expose the truth.

Although I found the plot a bit slow and meandering at times, the picture it provided of the social structure and mores of the Edwardian period was fascinating. The book is classic M.C. Beaton in that the diversity of characters is the strength of the story, rather than the plot. In all, this is a light bit of stuff.

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