HOME BODY (Amateur Sleuth/Reporter) – VG Gerry Boyle – 8th in series
Berkeley Prime Crimes, 2004 – Hardcover

When reporter Jack McMorrow rescues Rocky, a young runaway boy, from been beaten by a gang of street kids, he has no idea it will lead to rescuing the boy many times, being suspected of being a pedophile, becoming involved in the secret’s of the boy’s family and both Jack and his wife Roxanne having their lives at risk.

Boyle does a wonderful job with setting, providing a real picture of the cities and towns of Maine yet the solitude, which exists immediately outside them, and the cold of winter. You also feel Jack’s reluctance to become involved with Rocky yet his inability to walk away. There is a strong element of pathos to this story, but it’s still suspenseful and a page-turner.

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