RED TIDE (Amateur Sleuth/Police Procedural) - G+ G.M. Ford – 4th in series
William Morrow, 2004 - Hardcover

When the police evacuate an area in Seattle, including a gallery with Meg Donovan’s first showing and Corso in attendance, Frank decides to find out why. Terrorists have released a controlled form of the Ebola virus into a subway stations, and over a hundred people die. In the meantime, Meg sees, follows, and loses the man responsible for marking her, only to have him turn up later, dead in her kitchen.

It was nice to see Corso working with the police, for a change. And there were a couple other very good characters in the policeman Hart and reporter Sexton. The pace is tense and fast and keeps you turning the pages late into the night. Although I was disappointed with the very end of the book, I shall certainly be first in line for his next one.

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