THE NARROWS (Private Investigator) – G Michael Connelly – 14th in series
Little Brown, 2004 – Hardcover

When now Private Investigator Harry Bosch is asked by the widow of Terry McCaleb to investigate her husband’s death, he finds Terry was actively investigating a case who path led to a serial killer in Nevada. When FBI agent Rachel Walling receives a call that she must travel to Las Vegas because of a package sent to her, it puts both her and Bosch back on the trail of The Poet, a serial killer who nearly cost each of them their lives in the past.

I was so disappointed in this book. I kept feeling that Connelly was so upset with the way Blood Work had been handled as a film he killed off the main character and derided it in nearly every chapter of this book. The characters were flat, Harry was almost unappealing as a character, and there was very little suspense until the end. It’s not a terrible book, but it’s certainly not what I’d have expected of an otherwise excellent author.

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