COLD CASE FILE – VG Edna Buchanan – 14th book
Simon & Schuster, 2004 – Hardcover

Twelve years’ ago children at a birthday party witnessed a garage explode which kills Charles Tarrell. Now his ex-wife comes to the Cold Case Squad saying she being seeing her husband, even though she knows he’s dead. Although the Squad is ready to pass on the case, their lieutenant, K.C. Riley, insists they put it as a top priority. In a separate case, one of the members of the squad put it together that someone has killed nine lonely, elderly women across America.

With shades of the 87th Precinct, the Cold Case Squad has a wonderful cast of characters with diverse pasts and lives yet working well together as a team. There is excellent dialogue, humor and descriptions of Miami, but balanced with interesting procedure and good suspense. While it helps to have read “The Ice Maiden,” it’s not completely necessary as this is a wonderful book on it’s own and I hope to see a lot more of the Cold Case Squad.

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