Quentin, Patrick - PUZZLE FOR WANTONS

PUZZLE FOR WANTONS (aka Slay the Loose Ladies) (Amateur Sleuths-England-1940s) – G+ Patrick Quentin – 4th in Series
International Polygonics Ltd, 1990 (Reprint from 1945),

Lieutenant Peter Duluth and his actress wife Iris are spending his leave at the Lake Tahoe home of wealthy Lorraine Pleygel. Other guests include Lorraine’s brother, and a group of women about to be divorced. But when Lorraine shows up with the soon-be-ex-husbands, the mortality rate rises daily.

Set during WWII, this was an entertaining husband-and-wife investigative pair, not as light as others. Particularly interesting, having been written in 1945, the female characters held their own. I’ve read all the books in this series and have always enjoyed them. I’d recommend giving them a try for something a bit different.

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